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    Edge Panel Help Desk?

    Just curious if anyone has used Edge Panel recently. The reviews I've found here were a couple of months old already and I'm hoping some of the issues they seemed to have been having would have been fixed by now.

    So, if you've used it, please give some feedback
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    We used it, it is a great piece of software, too bad eMail pipping doesn't work and it doesn't has more features and the development is slow... and I think there are some Security bugs but I haven't experienced one (check their forums).

    That software would be better if they develop it more. I think it can beat Kayako, but that depends on them. The only issue I saw was a double login Issue on Netscape... I never reported it because I swiched to perldesk

    Good luck

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    If email piping doesn't work for you, you may want to try this fix posted on their forums.

    Adam, our lead developer, fixed some of the issues with EdgePanel for our version of it. I have no idea whether they have fixed the issues he addressed in their recent code though. Unfortunately, Renax either lost a bunch of information from their forums or purged old threads. Adam posted the code and fixes that he had for them, but they are no longer there.

    I use it for my company and it works great for its purpose. I implemented it after switching from PerlDesk.
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    I also use it and have found it great never really had any problems.

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    Does anyone know if new releases of this helpdesk have the e-mail piping fixed?

    Also, how easy is it to customize the look and feel of the panel to integrate into your website?

    Brendan Diaz

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    nop still not fixed

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    I would not recommend Renax yet. I used them and found that the script is basically the free version and there has been very little to no updates since last year. Development is very slow (slower than a snail) and they have yet fixed the piping issue or patch other bugs which they should have done already. Also pop fetching has their limits aswell. At one point they were so desperate to find a fix for piping that they actually posted an unencoded piping script in their forum.

    Also if or when they plan on releasing the new script, it will be priced about $70+.

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