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    Which content management system for Independent Software Vendor

    Hello all,

    I will be soon launching a new web site for my single person software business. I need help about finding a good content management system.

    The site should :

    - Allow users to download software ( for all visitors or a selected group of users )
    - Have an impressive and simplistic start page ( see )
    - Host flash movies
    - Shall be customizable so that it doesn't look like a regular postnuke site
    - Be able to run surveys ( I would prefer if I could visually design surveys since I am not a forms/cgi/php/etc programmer )
    - Have a very clean menu system ( maybe also with sub menus )
    - Allow visitors to order software via secure forms or buy software immediately

    I would appreciate any hints about content managements systems which can help me with the requirements above.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I am not sure if plone is the best CMS but it looks pretty difficult to install for me.

    For example I wanted to check the requirements and the doc tells me to read the Zope requirements document :

    "Plone 1 needs CMF 1.3 (currently 1.3.3) and Plone 2 needs CMF 1.4 (currently 1.4.3). See CMFCore/doc/REQUIREMENTS.txt, too."

    This looks like a chain reaction. I guess ( I am not sure ) Plone seems to have too many dependencies Zope and Zope CMF. I would prefer a single software package rather and a single documentation and a single community.

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    if you just ask of best cms, I would go with xerophyte,
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    It looks like sibox is high level enough for my needs. Thanks for the link.

    Are there any other sibox like content management systems ?

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    There are several great commercial CMS solutions that will meet your requirements - however, if you are looking for Open Source ones...

    1) Mambo - simply one of the best - combination of functionality and ease of use
    2) TYPO3 - Excellent product - probably the most feature filled OS CMS available - however, difficult to install and not overly user friendly
    3) Nuke - personally - I dont like this one - but - has a large following, so worth mentioning - wont bother listing the reasons I dont like it - Its just not a good fit for me - very feature rich though - and can be customized somewhat..

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