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    FreeBSD server settings


    I want to use FreeBSD with CPanel as webserver. I wonder whether what security settings are generaly used in case of webserver. I have read some books in this topic but I want to know how it looks like in the real world.

    1. Do you use jails?
    2. Which securelevel do you set?
    3. After ordering a server with FreeBSD/CPanel installed on it, how does the security settings looks like?
    3/1. What company was installed the server?
    3/2. What were the most important settings you have to do?

    Thanks for your help!

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    252 id otn give out ssh, but if i did i would use jail
    2.i did the default security level on 5.1 since i would tweak it myself
    3. they didnt change to much
    4.myself wise freebsd is pretty solid

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    Re: FreeBSD server settings

    i'm sharing a FreeBSD/Cpanel server with a friend. basically, i'm just using it for backup apache, mysql, MX and DNS.

    1. i use jails so that i can administer and keep my stuff separate from my friend's. it's less hassle because the services can run out-of-the-box without clashing with my friend's.

    2. securelevel 1

    3. nothing at all! just a base install + cpanel.

    3/1. nocster

    3/2. i cvsup'ed to get security patches, made world and kernel, configure ipfw, set security.bsd.see_other_uids=0. i think that's the only freebsd-specific changes i did.

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