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    Cpanel secondary FTP creation problems

    Hi folks. I figure that I'm probably doing something stupid here, so I'll get right to the issue:

    I have some webspace for my domain. I'm able to create subdomains, so I've done so, and now I want to create a secondary FTP account specifically for the subdomain. Not a big deal, right? Well, quite simply, it's not working.

    All of the main FTP accounts work fine. ([email protected], [email protected], etc.) I go into cpanel, I create *any* new FTP account, whether restricted to the subdomain or not, and they don't work. Step by step:


    *ftp manager*

    *ftp accounts*

    *add FTP account*

    login: abc
    password: xyz
    (note: substitutions)

    directory: /


    ftp account abc has been created.

    I go into any FTP program:

    ftp:[email protected]

    password: xyz

    login failed.


    ftp:[email protected]

    password: ***

    login success.


    I've also tried any variations I could think of, like, or ftp:[email protected] None work.

    Seriously, is this a user error? I've tried creating FTP accounts a dozen or so times, some just regular full-access ones, and some pointing to my subdomain, but nothing's working.

    Btw, this is the version of cpanel I'm running: 9.2.0-STABLE 25

    Am I doing everything properly? Is there anything I can do without bothering my host?

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    Your on shared account right ? have you tried "ftp.servers's ip address" with subdomain username and pass

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    Yeah, I'm on a shared account.

    Just tried the IP; no luck with secondary accounts, and the main one is still accessible just fine.

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    Have you figured out this problem??

    I am having the same exact thing.

    It creates in Cpanel but its like it doesnt complete or something because i cant login with users under a domain either besides the main account.

    Please HELP.

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