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    Thumbs up Design for sale

    The following design was a concept for, I've decided to take a different direction for my site so this concept will no longer be needed.

    This is a .psd only, designed by me from scratch, and is fully layered. Font's used will be included with the purchase.

    I will start taking offers starting at $20 USD, buyout price is $75 USD.

    This design will only be sold once, and the buyer receives full/exclusive rights.

    Please post your offers in this thread, contact me privatly only if you wish to purchase at the buyout price.

    Please no comments, lets keep this thread clean.

    view design here:

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    I'll make a start: $ 20

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    Definetly different,nice work.
    Shawn Auton
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    Nice design. Please suggest what we are getting along with that.

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    When will the bidding end ?
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    didnt notice

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    I am looking for a quick sale so I will end the bidding may 9th.

    As stated above, you would be purchasing the fully layered .psd, font's used, full/exclusive rights. HTML coding can be done at extra cost, I do not handle any slicing and coding aspects of my business and if you are looking for the cheapest route possible I would suggest coding it yourself or hiring someone to do it as my coder's rates are rather steep. But ofcourse if money is not an issue I'm sure he would gladly take the job.

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    I've got 20, do I hear 30?

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    Originally posted by flawless
    I've got 20, do I hear 30?
    Yes. $30.

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    dalglish, can you please post a way to contact you. You need atleast 5 Posts here on WHT to use the PM feature.

    Got $30, do I hear 40?

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    Sure: gb AT

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