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    Wink spin-off looking for action

    I'm about to launch a spin-off website, with a twist. If users do not receive a high enough rating, their accounts are deleted. The goal, although a shallow one, is to fill the database with only good looking people.

    I'm looking for a target market aged 18-25.

    I will PM details to anyone that can offer advertising to this market.

    PM me, or e-mail me: jon at jmarus dot com


    btw, this is my first post please be gentle.

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    That might be interesting... however there are always people like me out there who rate good looking people bad, and bad looking people good.

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    Yes, I'm banking on the hope that there are people that are interested in seeing only hot people, so they better vote out the ugly ones. I will have to come up with clever ways of tricking people into voting what they honestly feel

    It's pretty shallow I know, but it makes for some friendly competition, based on looks.


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    As someone that runs a site like that you need to keep in mind that there are "haters" out there. People will specifically get friends and so forth to downvote some people (maybe pretty) that they don't like and upvote their friends (maybe ugly people).

    Course if you want, please feel free to contact me and I can help you out with advertising.

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    Yes, steps are going to have to be taken to limit the number of multiple voters. Of course we can't do anything about multiple people rating out of spite/hate, but we'll try.


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    lol.. sounds interseting

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    Thanks. If anyone's interested in getting a preview before it goes live, PM me and I'll let you know of the address.


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    address please!
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    Yep jon just throw the URL to my PM box
    Shawn Ho
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    what if the ugly people are still left over after voting? do you decide which accounts should be deleted

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    If they are below a 5, they are removed from the system at the end of each week.

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    I'd recommend not removing them weekly until they have a certain number of votes. Otherwise you can have one or two fools voting 1 for someone that deserves a much better rank just to get them removed. If you have a requirement of a 5+ rating after a minimum of 10 votes or so, it should solve this problem.

    Just a suggestion
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    Yes, an immunity of 3 days or 25 votes has been established, thanks for the suggestion though

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    Hi Jon

    My forum caters for people in that age group. Shoot me a PM if interested.


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    The site is now live.

    I'm still looking for some high profile teen/young adult targeted websites to advertise on. Ages 18-30. PM if you fit these requirements.


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