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    Web Developers Wanted

    Looking for qualified offshore web developers for one day projects.

    Each project consist of developing a web site, including development of design, graphics and all content.

    This is really fun because it is part research, part design and part illustrator. You get to wear a lot of different hats for these projects. All aspects of the project in the web developer's hands.

    The projects themselves are usually fun and interesting. Here are a few recent examples:

    We have two developers working about 20 projects a month + a few that are doing about 1 project a week, but we are looking for more developers.

    We are looking to bring on a few new developers for $40 per project. We can not go higher on this fee at this time. If we like your work there will be an increase in the future. We understand that this payment level will only be attractive to residents of countries with a low cost of living. We can pay via paypal, cc, western union or money orders. (WU and MO require bundling of projects for payment).

    Thanks and please if you are not interested in this offer, refrain from posting here.

    Email me to try a project today!

    email: [email protected]

    Thanks so much and have a great day.

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    Please contact me, we're interested. A partial portfolio can be viewed at
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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