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I would like to know how many hosting companies would like to be able to offer private label web design. We have a service and system in place to provide this service to hosting companies. It allows them to make tons of margin, private label the service, and capture more hosting customers due to the value add.

We are about to launch our service and I would like to get feedback from the hosting community on the following:

1. Do you currently offer design services?
2. Would you like to offer design services if you are not now?
3. Do you currently provide a one-stop solution?
4. Do you feel that design would enable you to attract more clients?
5. Do you agree that the hosting industry is turning to one stop solutions?
6. What did you think when Interland launched their web design service?
7. What would you do differently than Interland?
8. Would you like to be able to "resell" templates rather than refer customers away from your site?
9. Do you feel that reselling design work is a step in the right direction and that is the direction that the industry is heading?

I appreciate your time. We will have our service available shortly. It is for hosting companies. I appreciate your feedback as it will help us further shape our offering.

Thank you in advance.

Mark Drake