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    Exclamation Domain Request--PLEASE READ GOOD DEAL FOR SOMEONE-- Free webhosting involved!

    Hey all,

    I am opening up a new Webhosting company. It is open right now but i finishing up site, so it isn't really open to the public.

    It is called wocohosting. It is a reseller account that i got frome someone.

    If someone buys me a cheap domain: either or I am willing to give them 2500 MB space and 2500 MB bandwith (per month) FOR FREE!

    Reply back or PM me or E-mail me or contact me someway if u r interested!!!

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    why not buy them yourself?

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    So if i get you I get free 200 mb space and 25gig bandwidth a month free for life?

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    LOl ello kali what u doing here

    Y dont you just buy the domain?

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    I don't have the money to buy the domain. I know you are saying they are soo cheap but i can't buy them.

    Hey to Kali.

    Yes if you buy a cheap .info or .us domain then i will give you 2500MB hosting and 2500MB bandwith for as long as wocohosting is up which will be for quite awhile.

    I can't PM you or e-mail you through this board either reply back here if you want to do it, or catch me on
    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: MigetManLSS


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    woco you never reply back

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    How can you afford a server if you cannot afford a $5 domain name?
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    Yea see thats where im worried. I can get you a domain. Its not not that much but how can you afford the server and keeping the website up and all

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    Sorry it says i am on AIM when i am not i will talk to u later about it.

    As for the server i Got it free frome a company that does it for a full time job so they won't be closing.

    I told they guy that I would give him 100% of profits if i got server free so we won't be closing anytime soon.

    Just reply back here if you get the domain. (or want to)

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    You're giving away the profits? And you're giving away (in exchange for the name) the free space that someone else gave you?

    It doesn't sound much like you're in this for the long haul....

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    Why not i am going to run the hosting company. We will start to make money and I had a chance to get money but i decided not too. This is for various reasons and the money is being split between 2 people. I am not going to explain anything further about the money because frankly i don't think that it is any of your buisness. And forget about it I am already getting the domain name.

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