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    RAQ Nameserver Setup & Virtual Sites - HELP!

    I want to use the nameserver(s) in my RaQ 4r-550 to host several sites on one IP number but I can't figure out how to set it up.

    What IPs do I give the virtual sites when they are going to share one? I am told I can run hundreds of sites on one nameserver/IP number. How?

    I have 2 IPs available for the nameservers and have set them up as ns1 and ns2 with my registry. How does the RaQ know the second IP is a secondary name server? I can't ping it unless I set up a virtual site on that IP number.

    This is driving me crazy as I grope around for answers.

    Can anyone help me get started or direct me to a simple proceedure for doing it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Did you solve this yet? If not I can perhaps give some guidance.

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    Thanks for the offer Brian but I've figured it all out since my other post, with a little help. Someone set up the DNS to one domain for me and it finally made sense.

    Since then I've set up 10 domains and sites on the server and everything is humming along. It's really not hard but I was never able to find a simple proceedure for doing it and, until your message, was not able to get any help here either.

    Thanks again.


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    Yes, I know the feeling. There are still a lot of Raqs in use and probably will be for the next 5 years or so. Somewhere there must be a Raq forum that is humming with activity and knowledge - but I have not found it yet!

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    If you are still registered on here, then I have exactly the same problem as the poster......

    If you could give me any guidance on the RAQ550, then I would appreciate it as I can't find anyone on Experts Exchange with experience on the RAQ550



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