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    I need hosting provider.

    I am located in VietNam, most people here don't have a credit card but the amount of people willing to pay for their own website is increasing. I want a hosting provider , price about $5 -10 usd/ month/ 500mb. Also those account may share with each other. I mean when someone only use 20mb for their website, so they leave 480 mb unused.I want to take advantage of this for resell it again.If you can do then please email me : contact@***************.com.

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    And actually you are paying "***************.com" & yahoo web hosting with what, may I ask ?

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    Of course I use my own credit card. What's wrong then?

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    you made it sound like you didn't own a credit card.
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    to :HA-Alex
    I also don't like this kind of people. If you can not provide me so it's none of your business.

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    I mean many people in VietNam don't have , many but not all, to own a credit card in VietNam you need about $700 USD, It's not a large amount here but VietNamese people is that. They are afraid of being stolen since fraud is increasing.

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    If you have your own credit card, you can surely find any providers who can gladly sign you up. Just use "Host Quote" located on the top of this forum.

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    Because I'm just a newbee to this field so I don't know where to start, thank you HA-Alex

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    fraud is increasing.

    You take out the words of my mouth .

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    I don't deny that I use many software for free. I just don't know why but in my country, you can buy a $5000 software here for half of one dollar.

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    Originally posted by contact_me
    I don't deny that I use many software for free. I just don't know why but in my country, you can buy a $5000 software here for half of one dollar.
    How long of a drive?
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    In order to do what you want to do, you need to find a host that allows you to oversell......This isn't always a good idea though (overselling that is)

    Best of luck to you. Hosting And Web Design For Small Businesses!
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    Do you have a preferred control panel? I'd recommend researching some of the control panels out there to determine
    which one will create the lowest support load for you.

    Getting your host setup and creating more work for yourself
    than it's worth isn't going to put you ahead.

    Good Luck!

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    Whats your budget contact_me?
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    Originally posted by contact_me
    I just don't know why but in my country, you can buy a $5000 software here for half of one dollar.
    because it's stolen, illegal, pirated, copied, ripped - choose the words to suit ...

    back to the original question - are you askingfor a provider that will let you sell 500Mb space, but if the user only uses 20Mb of it, that you can sell the 480 mb again ?

    thats called overselling, and whilst IMHO not good practice, many provides will allow you to do something like

    buy 1Gb space, sell 50,000 500Mb hosting accounts
    problem will come in when 2 clients use all their space (or find they *cant* use their space as some has gone on other clients)
    this then gets customers annoyed and the y leave or demand refunds or force you to buy more space which if you're not charging enough puts you out of business.

    IMHO by far a better way to do it is to sell them what they actually need+room for growth at a *realistic* price that means you can afford it, provide it and make something on top of it
    - more sustainable, more ethical and more manageable
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