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Thread: Advertising?

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    Well, I wasn't sure where to post this... but,

    do you guys have any suggestions of who I should go to, to put advertising on my site? The only one I have heard of is mediaplex....

    I do not want popups or any of that javacrap only the banners.

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    It all depends on your target audience, and what you are selling. Very much. For starters, if you havent yet, get your site up and running and make sure it all works out. Then I suggest going with Inetinteractive advertising. They are the company that put the ads on the WHT forum, and many other sites. Another company you can go with, that get many unique page views, but completly depends on your target audience and what you are selling, are PHPNuke. They are a little spendy for small, usually one man businesses.


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