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    What is the current market value?

    Hey guys,

    I would like to sell my Dell Poweredge 2550 2u server. What is the market value of the following configuration?

    Dell PowerEdge 2550
    - Processor: Intel Pentium III 1 GHz w/256K Cache
    - Memory: 512 MB SDRAM, 133MHz, 2x256MB DIMMs
    - 1st hard drive: 36 GB 1 Ultra3 (Ultra160) SCSI 10K RPM Hot Plug hard drive
    - 2nd hard drive: 36 GB 1 Ultra3 (Ultra160) SCSI 10K RPM Hot Plug hard drive
    - Primary Controller: Dual-Channel On-board RAID Controller 128MB Cache (2-Int Channels)
    - Diskette Drive: 1.44MB Diskette Drive
    - Operating System: Red Hat Linux 9.0
    - First and second network adaptor: One integrated 10/100 and one integrated 10/100/1000 NICs
    - CDROM Drive: 24x IDE Internal CD ROM Drive
    - Hard Drive Backplane: 4 Bay (1x4) Hot Plug Hard Drive Backplane
    - Hard Drive Configuration: On-board RAID 1, Drives 1-5 connected to on-board RAID
    - Power Supply Kits: Dual Redundant 330 Watt Power Supplies
    - Hardware Support Services: 3 years Bronze, next day business on-site (expires end 8/2004)

    I purchased the server at the end of 8/2001. - Everything you need to build your web site

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    Probably around 1K.
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    Sounds about right, $1k might be a little optimistic though.

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    Compare it to the lowest processor spec Dell rackmount you can get today with most of those features. Without the Hot Plug Hard Drive Backplane, Dual Redundant 330 Watt Power Supplies, or RAID Controller with 128MB Cache (64MB in this case), you can get a 1U Dell rackmount for around $2300. You're probably looking at $1,000 or so for your server, compared with the current Ebay listings for the same server model:


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    i wouldnt value this above $800, although people on ebay regularly overpay, so trying your luck there may be a decent option.

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    Thanks for the information I decided to try to sell the server for $1000 on ebay. I'll let you know how it goes. - Everything you need to build your web site

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