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    * Got Site? You do now! - {professional.service}

    Do you have a site?
    Do you have a professional site?
    Do you have a site that's fast?
    Do you have a Red Mountain Design site?

    For a very very low price, we at rmdesign can create a great site for anything you can think of, and we can do it quickly and professionally!

    Don't need a cms? Scroll down to the bottom!

    - This site is a gaming site, it has a customized forum, a files database, articles/previews/reviews and lots of intergration between the two. Users can download their favorite files, discuss the files in the forums, and more.
    - This site is a computer and tech news site. It allows users to read up on the latest forums, and discuss it.

    How much does a site like this cost?

    No, we aren't nuts, we're professionals at what we do, and we do our work fast.

    LDU Engine
    Custom Skin
    Custom Customizations
    - Forum additions, file downloads, listings, etc! - This coding alone would cost you over $400! We provide it all for you and modify it to your needs.
    Total Site Customization
    - Need something optimized? Unneeded features removed? Sure we can do that!

    It's all you need for any site you might need, total intergration of all site components looks great, and the user control is second to none!

    We accept only paypal (we are US Verified)

    To contact us, simply...
    PM me on the forums
    Use IM
    aim = aea0gc
    msn = [email protected]

    Do NOT USE email, my isp blocks ports 25 and 26

    Don't need a cms?
    If you don't need a cms we can skin forums or create templates as well.

    Forum Skinning usually runs $30, depending on the forum, and other factors. HTML templates run about the same, however please contact us for a quote

    We make our customers happy

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    Pretty nice.

    One problem that I your search is kind of faulty.

    you should:
    str_replace("%", "", $var);

    it returns every result. (thats the prob) -- not sure if it's intensional or not.

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