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    Lost internet connection often with my router?

    I have three computers connected together to have access the internet using a DI-604 Ethernet BroadBand Router. I would loss internet connection once every 2 days, sometimes even worse. I have to unplug the power cord of the earthlink cable box and replug in the power cord again in order to regain the connection.

    Here is my little home network connection to the internet cloud.

    1. Earth Link Cable Box connects to outside the cable line
    2. DI-604 Ethernet BroadBand Router connects the earth link cable box and has three lines to my three computers.

    Could the DI-604 router is causing this problem? I have even tried to host my web server, and I would loss connection within 5 hours after I turned my web server ON.

    Any clue? Thanks.

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    Yes , Dlink is not as good as Linksys. We at home don't run web server , but we have to reboot the dlink router one for every two weeks. I believe Linksys is much better, but not as good as my Linux box direct connect to the cable modem. Our electric bill can not handle the linux box with 350W running 24/7, so we prefer reboot the Dlink box once every two weeks , some time couple times a day

    I belive you have to live that way with your Dlink I upgrade the latest firmware of the Dlink box, I thinkt it's better so far.


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