Hi there,

We have some more servers available at special WHT pricing.

These servers are hosted on our renowned London network based in our own private 144sq ft suite in Redbus Interhouse III. We have 1gbps of external IP connectivity through multiple tier-1 providers and Internet Exchanges.


- 2U rack mount chassis, 6 drive hot-swap SATA back-plane, 400W PSU
- Intel P4 3.0GHz CPU (800MHz FSB, with HyperThreading)
- Supermicro P4SCi motherboard (with dual Gigabit LAN and SATA RAID)
- 1GB PC3200 DDR (400MHz) RAM (Dual channel)
- 36.7GB Western Digital Raptor Serial ATA HDD (10,000 RPM, 8MB Cache)
- 120GB Western Digital backup SATA HDD (7,200 RPM, 8MB Cache)
- 48x Samsung IDE CD-ROM Drive, 1.44MB Sony FDD

- 400GB premium multi-homed data transfer
- 100mbps full duplex burstable switch port
- APC remote reboot power socket
- Unlimited free IP addresses (subject to RIPE allocation guidelines)

100% network uptime SLA

GBP 185.00 set-up
GBP 185.00 per month


Choose between Northwood and Prescott CPUs for no extra charge. Swap the 36GB WD Raptor for a 120GB WD SATA HDD for no charge too.

There are a full range of additional upgrade options available - please drop an email to [email protected] for further information.

Kind regards

Robin Balen
Gyron Internet Ltd