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    How hard is it to admin a linux dedicated server for someone who has little knowledge

    I have used linux for about a week maybe 2 just to mess around with it but, really familar with cpanel and whm and i was wondering how hard the rest of linux is to admin, is there a tutorial if not should i just stick with windows and helm or plesk

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    I thought windows management was Hard
    You can find LOts and Lots of info in Security and Technical section
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    "How hard is it to admin a linux dedicated server for someone who has little knowledge"

    About as hard as someone attempting to drive cross country and never driven before.

    Although lives are not at stake here, people's good will, faith in the services provided, and possibly their livelyhood as well, is very realistic. Best to get Linux on home computer to use as your training base. You could also get a Managed Server as it would help to ease your learning curve while still providing good maintainence and daily operation of the Server. - for all your Hosting needs
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    If you're going to put any server directly onto the Internet, you NEED to know how it works.

    Cpanel & WHM will not manage the Linux system for you, it only puts a nice front end to some of the basic tasks, you need to know how to build & maintain a secure Linux system as well. Don't be fooled by the web front end, you need to know how it works from the command line.

    Build a spare PC wil a copy of RedHat or Fedora and get to grips with firewall config, kernel recompiles etc... and then perhaps look at a VPS or a cheap dedicated box.

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    people shouldn't discourage others so easily...

    There is nothing "hard" in managing a linux server, just "how much do I need to read"

    If you have the time to read a lot and a lot and a bit more than that then it's easy.

    The longest walk starts with the first step, just get yourself an old computer and mess around with it if you don't want to waste 60 bucks on a server yet. When you've got the hang of it (IE: got all the things running you want to run) you can go for real.

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    Yeah, i agree, nothing's hard if you are dedicated. There are tons of resources online. - Host on Cloudrck
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    well lets see I tried and im pretty technical. I was setting up security and firewall and blocked ports for ssh and root and had to have restore, cmd line can be easy if you read tutorials completly, and stick with one tutorial, you start reading multiple tutorials and find there slightly different and you start implementing the changes can lead to lots of problems and downtime, get a pro or read then get a server

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    Get a VPS and learn

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    How hard is it to admin a linux dedicated server for someone who has little knowledge
    it's hard ....
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    The hardest part is really breaking your current mindset. Linux works very different from Windows and I find that after 8 years trying to understand Linux, I could not because I still think Windows.

    If you can break that mindset then 1/2 the battle is done for you. The rest is learning the underlining operating system and how things works and how to secure it. A good understanding of how it works would help you in determine what needs to be done.

    Take your time to learn and do not put a server live if it is not properly locked down and optimized because any misconfigured or not properly secured could get easily exploited. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    With a week experience don't expect to provide support to your customers or to you.
    Cpanel is a software running on Linux, it doesn't have to do with linux.

    Take some books, spend 3-4 months reading and then buy one.

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