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    Do Not Trust Cooperint

    i asked CooperInt to make me a site and a buissiness card. he kept showing me jpg's and i told him what to change. he did this, no problem. when i asked for the site to be sliced and with 5 pages, he said it would cost $100 more. he said send half then he will send me the site through email. i sent him the first $300
    (btw that is a lot) then he told me he send the rest and when i opened my email there was 1 attatchment. it was an image and it said YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED. he has done this do a few other people. now he has changed his company from Cooper Internation to QuickLine FX. so please be aware. if you would like to go on and risk it, i dont mind because he has done this with most of his clients, not all. so i would just like you all at WHT to be advised.

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    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Whenever ordering design services, just like other business services, try to get a contract or work order in writing first - with the payments outlined. If the person is professional, they shouldn't have any problem doing this, and it will keep those sneaky things like "that will cost more now" from happening.
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    Sorry to hear about your difficult situation and thanks for sharing. It will certainly help anyone doing a search for their name here.

    Good luck!

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    That sounds silly.. why would he go through all the work making things.. and then send an image saying you've been scammed..

    knock this pathetic little nerd off the net.
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