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    looking for co-lo place in Fremont

    I am looking for a co-lo place for my two 2U servers in Fremont,
    with a total monthly fee between $50-$80.
    I don't care the BW, i just wanna find a place for my two old servers to let them still run.

    BTW, if somebody wanna buy them, pls contact me at [email protected], i can offer very low price.
    server1: Dual PIII 800 20GB SCSI 1024MB ram 2U
    server2: Dual PIII 850 3x 9GB SCSI 768MB ram 2U

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    I believed I have talked to you before.

    For that pricing, try to get to some Resellers, that's the only way it would get that cheap.

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    yes, i got some financial problem, so i have to stop them
    or let them run with very low costs.
    I have stopped the contract with Hostcentric for end of JUNE.

    thank you for your help again.

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    Its certainly understandable if you're on a budget, but I would be concerned about dropping off servers at a place that operates on such a low budget. "Here today, gone tomorrow" is the term that comes to mind. I've lost a couple owned servers to AWOL co-lo's in my days.

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    still looking for.

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    $50-$80 per month... for 4U AND bandwidth? That's a bit low don't you think?

    Do you realize how much it costs from a Data Center standpoint for running just a single server? Have you ever considered what the Data Center has to pay for...

    1. Racks
    2. floor/cage space
    3. power
    4. backup power systems
    5. climate control
    6. redundant routing
    7. redundant bandwidth providers
    8. bandwidth
    9. employees
    10. Uncle Sam
    11. ... and much more!

    So, you may find a Provider that can either do the rackspace, OR the bandwidth within your budget, but I highly doubt both. Whether you find this kind of Provider in your area, who knows.

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    now i have still one server for sale:

    DUAL PIII800 SCSI9GB hard driver 1024MBRAM 2U

    for sale in very low price.

    the server is now in the HOSTCENTRIC Fremont,
    get ready for pick up if you are in Fremont.
    Otherwise I can ship it to you, but you need to pay shipment fee.

    somebody has interest pls contact me at [email protected]

    the spec of the server is:

    Tyan, Dual P2/3-233~800+Mhz CPU Intel 440GX chip
    Adaptec 7890 Ultra 2 Wide/SCSI 3(80MB/Sec), 10~100Bt Lan
    5xPCI/2xISA/AGP, 2xUSB, 4xDim, ATX form factor
    Intel Pentium-III-800E Mhz CPU w/256K pipline burst cache
    Ball bearing heatsink & cooling
    Memory (32x64)/8ns,Sdram PC-100Mhz
    Quantum,9GB,6.9ms,7200rpm,2048k cach Ultra-160/LVD
    Teac 3 ?" 1.44MB Floppy Disk drive
    19"/4U Rack mount 6x drive bays,250W ATX P.S
    Trident T9750 AGP w/4MB
    Sony 48x Speed IDE internal CD-Rom
    Internal Cooling fans

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    yeah, give a call to hostcentric, they should offer you some good deals. I used them when they where a standalone company named was DECENT back then, dunno now

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    I used before too, that was a while ago as well, their transit was quite cheap back then in comparison.

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    That's actually where his servers were. They aren't nearly as inexpensive as the old Maxim days, but after chatting with some old friends there it sounds like they may be getting aggressive again.

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    5,512 still exists? Definately does not appear to. Who ate them?

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    I bought the dual 800MHz server, so Huan no longer needs least for that server.

    P.S. Hostcentric is pretty cool... had a chat with some of their late-night techs about an hour ago when I stopped by to pick up the server. Very cool people! FYI, they are now owned by Interland.

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    Originally posted by DeathNova still exists? Definately does not appear to. Who ate them?
    They merged some time ago with two another companies (shared business + domain registrar).... now called I believe

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    Originally posted by Simpli-Erica

    ...... FYI, they are now owned by Interland.


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    Originally posted by apollo
    And to think they used to be cool

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