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    "Hip-Hop" site header/banner design - $$$

    I need a nice looking banner(header, not affiliate banner)...

    Simple, or very layered masterpieces/collages wanted

    Color: Dark/light, whatever... the official header will dictate what color and design I put my IPB skin as (right now, if you visit the site its a temporary header and blue/white layout that's gonna be scrapped).

    Site Info(possible words):, Online Rap Battles Forums, Hip-Hop Forums, Battle Forums, etc????

    Theme: Hip-Hop oriented... maybe incorporate a microphone, turntables, rap artists' photo collage, speakers, a breakdancer, etc... maybe use a "Keyboard font" for the text of "typeill" ???? I don't know, just throwing out ideas that I can't "make happen" myself

    Size: 690 x ~136

    $$$: My budget is tight, so this is for graphic designers who have 30 mins(give or take?) of time to put something together. I'm unsure of prices... so I'll just say $20?
    If this is too low for a certain designer, please e-mail me with what you would do this project for! If you're willing to throw something together for LESS or FREE( ), once the final site is up I could do something like put a direct link (or an image of yours) that links to your site.... something similar to "Graphics done by ____".

    Email: [email protected]

    Thanks in advance to anybody who considering this

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    i should have something in a day or two

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    is this a contest or for hire offer?
    Kirill Smirnov

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    Contest or For Hire?

    I'm looking to judge from a variety of submissions, so this is only for people who have the time to make something, knowing that it may or may not be purchased.

    Sending me a single layer save with your text sprawled across the image is an option.

    I just simply don't have the budget to pay someone before seeing the finished product. Sorry

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    lol better get watermargin those previews quick guys

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    sent an email..PM box too full

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    In this case, for me, $20 is plenty for a banner. I will give this a try.

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    I can't send or receive PM's on this account.

    Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing different pieces of work

    Thanks all for the responses

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    (~)690 x (~)136
    (~)800 x (~)137

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    I'm going to send you an email with the details, then.

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    Hello nydk,

    I have created a preview and have sent it off to your e-mail address.

    Thank You

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    Hey all let me apologize for not getting back to you

    A few hours after I started looking for this, someone sent me an image to use and told me not to pay for it. Now i know its not "the best header" but I personally like it ... and for free and for now, I can't complain with it(its at I got a bunch of other "Free" offers that were good, but i think this one fit better with my forum skin.

    At this point in time, I'm still accepting donated banners at [email protected]

    Thanks again to whoever spent their time on this

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