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    Post hosting company for sale

    Hello everyone. I have not posted here before, although I have been lurking for as long as I have been hosting. I no longer have the time to maintain or promote the business so am being forced to sell everything. I do not feel an NDA is necessary, but also do not wish to disclose the company name on a public forum at this time.

    To explain a little bit about the situation...I started hosting people on my DSL connection about 6 months ago. I have the servers with all of the standard equipment (see below for more details) setup in my garage. While my primary site (also for sale) is still receiving 200-250 unique visits per day, I only get new accounts every few weeks. At this time there are only 13 Windows clients and 2 Linux clients with a collective MRC of $93, and 4 domain registrations via GoDaddy at $10.98/year. Below is a high-level overview of the clients current setup:

    Windows Customers:
    - Windows 2000 Advanced Server
    - Frontpage 2002 extensions
    - No control panel for web services or FTP
    - IMail 8.0 w/ web control panel for all e-mail services
    - Webtrends statistics

    Linux Customers:
    - RedHat 9 (default build)
    - Usermin control panel

    All Customers:
    - Monthly Recurring Charge: $0.98 - $11.98
    - Payment method: Paypal subscription
    - Unlimited FTP access
    - Disk quotas range from 400mb - 1.1gb
    - Transfer quotas range from 1gb-11gb per month
    - All current sites are small businesses or personal sites, none of which would violate the ToS or EULA of any larger hosting company.

    Support expectations:
    - Ticketing system with 12 hour minimum response time. Have received only 1 support ticket in 6 months.

    I have no received any cancellations - everyone who has signed up is still a client. As I have already mentioned, the primary site is for sale, which was built from a template but has hours upon hours worth of custom javascript, Paypal integrated order page, a customized ticket system, and support knowledge base.

    Hardware for sale:
    1x Netgear RT311 router
    1x Netgear 8 port switch
    5x 4U Rackmount servers
    - Each server includes: P2 333mhz, 256mb RAM, 4Gb hdd, 2x 10/100 NICs, 1 56k modem, 8mb AGP graphics
    1x 19" Chatsworth relay rack w/ mounting hardware
    1x Belkin 4-port rack-mount KVM w/ 4 cables
    1x 19" monitor/keyboard shelf
    1x 19" equipment shelf
    2x APC BackUPS 220 Pro
    1x 19" rack-mount 20 outlet surge protected power strip

    I prefer to sell all customers with the hardware, but will split them depending upon the bids received. Please submit any questions or offers via e-mail: ntguruallen at hotmail dot com
    Please do not send PMs or muck up this thread with off-topic posts.

    Again, it's not much, but I have spent over a year and thousands of dollars building upon this and would appreciate serious bids and/or inquiries only. Thank you for your time, consideration, and interest.


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    how much are you asking? Let me know if your ok discussing offline, hence email is required.

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    Impressive hardware! Good luck!
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    yes how much are you asking for?

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    me too i would like have information about that
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    How much would you want per server (no clients)

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    A common question I am getting is about price ranges. It saddens me to have to actually say this, but please understand all prices are negotiable and these are just goals. Obviously, the person or company that comes closest to, meets, or exceeds the goal price by Friday, May 14th, 2004 will have the sale.

    5x 4U Servers: $350 each
    19" Chatsworth Rack and both shelves: $600
    Netgear RT311 router: $40
    Netgear 8 port switch: $20
    Belkin KVM, rack mount hardware, and 4 KVM cables: $100
    2x APC BackUPS 220 Pro: $30 each
    19" rack-mount 20 outlet surge protected power strip: $50
    All of this is at a 15% discount from the price I bought it at new except for the servers. Keep in mind, most of this stuff if only 6-9 months old and in like new condition.

    Clients: current industry estimates are for 12 to 18 months times current total MRC.

    Primary hosting site including support site, ticket system, and Paypal integrated order page: $650

    Please note: Hosting site domain is not for sale, however site can be placed on a newly registered domain (I do have the .com, but do not have the .net, .org, .biz, or any others)

    Again, serious offers and inquiries only. Thank you.

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    The servers are only 233mhz... that's definitely older than 6-9 months

    How much would shipping be for one server to Canton, NY 13617?

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    The servers are 333mhz, not 233mhz. And no, the processors, motherboards, and some of the RAM were used and I'm not sure of their manufacturing date. However, the chassis, NICs, and all other hardware was purchased new, some retail some OEM.

    Please contact me via e-mail (ntguruallen[@] or YIM, AIM, or MSN (ntguruallen) for shipping or other pricing information.

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    I'm interested in the hosting clients

    I am interested in the hosting clients, especially the linux folks. Please contact me at tackett at netwharf dot com.
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