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    awstats -- Out of Memory! errors


    We use awstats on our HP Proliant servers; and setting it up for new clients is a breeze.

    We've never had any trouble with awstats.

    Now, on a celeron server for a managed service client we get "Out of Memory!" errors when we try to run the script from the browser.

    You can run from the command line both to update the stats as well as to output static HTML.

    It doesn't matter if you set update to 0 (don't allow updates from the browser).

    The client had 512 MB, and recently added a gig (total of 1.5 GB now). Over 800 MB is free; no swap is used.

    I did check google along with the awstats documentation; the only thing I was able to find is a method of wrapping the update in PHP if you get that error... not how to fix the error.

    Any ideas, thoughts, etc. for a fix?

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    see if the awstat's previous months' data files are filling up their alloted space.

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    Thank you for your reply; this is a brand new install of awstats.

    Other ideas?

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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