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    Noob needs a site

    Hello All,
    I bought the goofy "$7.99" template pack from Ebay and have two questions:

    1. Does someone have a good clear "How to make this great looking PSD into a website" tutorial?


    2. Can someone code me up a decent looking/FAST/BASIC reseller site and give me simple steps to update things like package details for $80?

    Sorry for such basic questions. I am a network guy and just getting into reselling, never done webdev. I am looking at neomanager (phpmanager) for the backend/ordering and would need instructions on how to, or have whomever puts the site together, add it.

    Thanks everyone.

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    "I bought the goofy "$7.99" template pack from Ebay" << their probably illegal. a lot of those "template packs" or stolen or/and cannot be sold.
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    I was afraid of that

    thanks for the legality tip. of course the seller assured that it was perfectly legal, and had a ton of feedback, but maybe better safe than sorry. That said, I would still REALLY like a tutorial on using a PSD. I will buy a template if I can't find someone to build me a site for the little $$ I have to spend.

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    I to was the victim of a template package dont feel bad. If you want grab a template from somewhere,Ill code it for free for you.
    will do up to 5 pages free with any template you buy or if you have a memebership somewhere where you can download a template and I will rework it for you FREE. I can also set you packages up if you need, as far as backend Im not fimilar with either of those two applications. But since you could get your site coded free midas well buy a good host management software or lease a good one I suggest either drams or whmautopilot and I can get you 10% of one of the two dram systems if your interested Im on MSN

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    peilo please email or IM when you get a chance.


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