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    Help me in taking decision

    Dear webmasters !

    I run a vbulletin forum (4250 members, 95000 posts, I GB web space, 1 GB MySql space, 60 GB bandwith). My team includes moderators who are volunteers and this is why none of them can spend more then 3 hours/day. I have two choices for the betterment of my forum and I need you guys to help me take decision.

    1) Rent a dedicated server (150/month) and host my site + 5 other sites for free and ask them to put my banner on top. This will send more traffic to our forum as we only get 1000 visitors/day.


    2) Get a shared serverfor 50/month and hire a full time staff for 100. We run a foriegn language Asian forum and I can hire a Master (IT) degree holder in just 100 from my country. He will lookafter my forum everyday as this will be his full time job.

    What do you think I should do? Get a dedicated server or hire someone to work full time? Which option is best for my forum?

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    I would think a dedicated server. You already have staff members working for free (even if it is for a few hours a day). Anyways what is your forum name?
    I am back....

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    A dedicated server would definetly be better for you my friend.....

    The Dude

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    Thanks for your reply Sir. Its true that the moderators of our forum are working for free but none of them can manage forum in my absence. I cant depend on any one of them in my absence. This is why I needed a staff member who can work 8 hours per day but not sure whether dedicated server is a better option for my forum's success.

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    Please note : I have 18 moderators right now on my forum.

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    I would think getting a dedicated server is a more important choice because this will ensure more success than hiring someone online and not sure if he works the whole day while your absence.

    Does it make sense? I don't believe in someone with a masters in China would want to manage a forum for life. They have higher ambitions.

    Might give your some light.

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    One would be surprised at how cheaply graduate students work for in china.

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    Do agree with cheaper labour. But I would think the real good ones have better ambition than manning a forum for life.

    Also i would think you can always earn some advertisement to hire a part-time moderator instead of a full time.

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