Got a server With matrix started the 1 Mai, ask them to refund and they cant so im selling it to the first person

Need to sell it 99$ is what you paid so you save the setup fee (99$) and the 10$ for the 100Mbit link, Need to sell it asap,ready to take

You will be charged 109$ after each month, 99$ if you drop the 100Mbit link

Email: [email protected] same for my paypal


Server: Super Celeron 2.4 GHz
Primary HDD: 80GB Hard Drive
Secondary HDD: None
Number of ips: 5 IP Addresses
Bandwidth: 1000 GB Bandwidth probably
Uplink Port Speed: 100 Mbps Uplink - Monthly Fee: $10.00
Web Analytics: Urchin 100 profiles
Floodguard: None
SQL Server: None
Backup Service: None
Operating System: Windows Server 2003, Standard
Server Management Plan: None
Control Panel: None
Firewall: None