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    Anyone with Experience in D-link firewalls

    We have some dedicated server customers looking for a hardware based firewall solution. This group of customers, however, is looking for something less expensive than our Pix offerings. We were playing around with the Dlink dfl80 firewall as a possibility. We are yet to get one of these things working properly. Has anyone had any luck with this product? I have a fealing they are only suited for a home computer but was hoping to give my customers a solution that didnt cost them much at all. Any information on your experience with Dlink or anybody who has them working in a similar environment, I would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance.
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    I've found DLink hardware to be less than satisfactory. That's just my experience anyways.

    It's worth mentioning, you can get dirt cheap low spec PCs which you could load Linux up on. Set up correctely you could route traffic through that and have the operability to provide traffic statistics to your customers.

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    At comdex they had different hardware firewalls set up (cisco booth) they payed $100 if you could hack them in 10 minutes or less. All you had on the systems were standard programmers tools. There was a line of no less than 100 ppl at any time.

    Dlink was hacked countless times, as well as many of the other cheap firewalls.

    The cisco firewall didnt get hacked once though... although they gave away about 25,000 that weekend.

    Get a software firewall such as checkpoint, sygate that has free updates reguarly, or invest in an expesive hardware firewall that will really do the job such as sonicwall, cisco, etc.

    Otherwise you are wasting your money.

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    shrugs.. don't touch dlink with a 10 thousand foot pole..

    then again I've just ran their routers.. trashy hardware.. anyways
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