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    nameservers setup question


    I have a question regarding the setup of nameservers.
    I know it is a simple Q to many of you, but its sure confusing me.

    I registered nameservers to be used for my dedicated server as follows: --->IP ending in 100 --->IP ending in 101

    (IPs supplied by company)

    First Q: is that correct OR they should both end in 100 (used as example)

    I then had dns' changed to
    first entry:
    second entry

    I am asking as I have added a new domain in WHM but it still doesnt resolve after over 48 hours, yet on my old VPS, when I change dns for a domain, it shows up in less than 24 hours.

    ANY help will be *very* much appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    do the machines with ips 100, 101 know that they are dns servers?

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