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    Looking for 2 or 3 coders who are big into games (PHP)

    If your big into games and also a dab hand at the old php I'd like to have a quick chat with you.

    This is very much a long-term and quite large project and will proabably be in constant development.
    It is un-paid but could potentially lead to money if it works.

    Hopefully it will be a fun project for you and will certainly allow you to talk to "unique" people around the world
    This is in no way a full time job more of a evenings and weekends and general spare time project. There could be other benefits for people involved in this both short and long term also.

    Its something Ive been wanting to do for a while but have only just got around to thinking about it and realised in planning that its too big for me to do alone

    Anyway if you have spare time and want to get your teeth stuck into a nice meaty project drop me a line.

    You can email me [email protected] or reply here or send me a board PM or contact me on msn [email protected].

    Again i make no bones about hiding the fact this is an UNPAID project which with enough dedication and time more than anything else could lead to stuff down the line for all involved. If it does work I will be the last person from the team to take money and people contributing will benefit first.

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    PM me what kind of ideas you have...

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    wont let me PM yet possiably because my post count is too low

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    Send me an email then...

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    chris [at]

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    cool will send you an email tonight when i get home damn i hate weekends.

    end up with less time to my self at weekends than i do during the week

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