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    remote backup problem

    Hello friends,
    It's a urgent issue.
    I have to take full backup of the server (/home + all-database)
    on remote server.How should i take it?
    In WHM(9.1)we have remote ftp backup..
    But I think we need ftp server for that?
    Am I right?
    Problem is that we have no space left on the server and the size of /home is aroud 18GB ,so we have to take full backup over other server.
    What are the different ways in which we can proceed?
    Thank you.

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    Method 1 :
    1) Install and Configure FTP server on the Remote backup server
    2) Create a backup ftp user on the remote server
    3) Setup your cpanel server to use that remote backup ftp user to backup all the home files and mysql database ( there is option in the WHM)

    4) For this you dont need space on the main server because pack the backup file then ftp to the remote server.


    You can modify the /script/cpbackup script and rsync each file to remote server after it has been packed.

    hope that helps

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