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    Background traffic (?)

    I installed a new co-lo linux server just over three weeks ago, and it's basically been doing nothing since then - I've logged in a few times via webmin or ssh and tweaked the configuration of various things, but it's not acting as a live mail- or webserver for any domains, the only thing it's doing is running BIND9 and it's the nameserver for a test domain I registered. It's dual-homed in case that makes a difference.

    Over the last two weeks my average bandwidth (metered by my ISP at 95%) is 22kbit/sec! When I do ifconfig I get

    RX bytes:969406234 (924.4 Mb) TX bytes:6415941 (6.1 Mb)

    RX bytes:966788989 (922.0 Mb) TX bytes:227934 (222.5 Kb)

    What could be generating all this incoming traffic? Could it be to do with BIND?

    Hope someone can help. If my average goes above 32kbit/s then I get charged extra by my ISP, which would be fine if it's useful traffic but this looks like it's not!

    TIA for any help/suggestions.


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    if you are getting overcharges for going over 23kbps, then you got e-screwed. a ssh connection will give you about 8-10kbps depending on how fast of a typist you are. A ps -aux on a system with over 30 process's is gonna get you up over the 100kbps when you issue it!

    THen you throw in the issues with things like "worms" and the like which are always going to pound away at your server.

    Welcome to the internet, I would go search around for a better hosting provider.

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    Use tcpdump to find out more. ie. -

    tcpdump -i eth0 -n

    It'll output all the stuff you want to know. You'll see the stats for every packet hitting your machine on eth0 with the above command.

    I'd bet the traffic is proably caused by someone abusing the network and sending lots of broadcast traffic.
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