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    Programmer required for project php and desktop applications

    Hi Looking for programmer/s to work on a project.

    This can be done as a share holder or a company quote for whole project we don't mind on the right terms and agreements.

    We will require no disclosure agreement signing.

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    What is the link for?

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    You want programmers. PiQ has programmers. Problem solved

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    Oh, Ok ta!

    Where are they on there a bit misleading the layout?

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    Try the Contact page...

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    Thanks again

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    Incidentally you anything to do with them?

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    I'd also like to bid on the project.

    Please contact me at [email protected] so that we can discuss your project requirements and specifications.

    Our phone number is 832-283-2082

    Brent Clements
    Innovative PHP Solutions

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    Hi Guys,

    I need you to email me, with details on your back ground knowledge and company information.

    Once I receive this I can email the NDA and NCA.

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    Thats fine, but what is your email address?

    Brent Clements
    Innovative PHP Solutions

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    see email link on previous posts

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    Does the email link on the bottom of each post not work

    If not I will have to report this to the board administrator!

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    My apologies, I did see the email button, but didn't use it because of past performance. I have had bad luck with using "forum email' before(ie people not setting up their profiles correctly, etc etc.).

    I'll send you an email soon.

    Brent Clements
    Innovative PHP Solutions, Inc.

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