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    50GB Webspace, 50GB Transfer, 100 E-Mails, only 5.00 per month

    Tera Web Hosting now offers the following package for only 5.00 per month.

    Advanced Business Hosting
    5GB Webspace
    50GB Transfer
    100 E-Mail addresses
    25 MySQL databases
    Shell Access

    All for only 5.00 per month!!

    All our packages are hosted on a server running the Red Hat operating system and include:
    Apache Webserver
    3 web-based e-mail packages
    FTP Access
    Mail Server
    Variable Mime Settings
    FrontPage Extensions
    Several Web Statistics Programs
    Many ready-to-install scripts

    Tera Web Hosting packages are available to both UK and non-UK customers. non-UK customers may use many different curencies via PayPal.

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    It says 50gb webspace in the topic, and 5gb in the thread?


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    wow, thanks for spotting that. that is a genuine typo. this is going to be embarrasing as i can't edit it.

    it should read 5GB

    Thanks again for spotting that

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    Where are the servers located?

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    The servers are located in a datacentre in the US. Our company is, however, UK based.

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