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    Question sent payment to paysystems. How long I still have to wait?

    I've sent the setup fees $49 to paysystems last friday but still haven't heard from them

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    Okay, I had a similar bump like this.

    First, after you send the $49 setup fee you should have recieved an email from your account rep.

    You also have to read the contract, sign it, fax or email it back to PaySystems but if you didn't get an email it makes sense you haven't been pre-approved yet.

    If you haven't recieved any emails, as did I, simply call PaySystems and tell them what happend.

    They will ask for some information to retrieve your current information status and then will tell you why they haven't approved you, which brings me on to my next point what happend to me.

    I have a website up, but not one to the general public. So, they didn't know think it was trustworthy and I had to simply give them a special URL for them to inspect my website to make sure it was a legitimate business. Which is more than reasonible.

    That is probably the reason why they haven't approved you yet but like I said, call them and ask them. They are very curtious and will help you.
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