Server type: Red hat Linux 9,
Apahce (working)

I have a dedicated "game" server. I run two 20 player counter-strike servers on. I used to run 1 of them as root user than changed it to a non-root user called cs1, and created another one called cs2.


I also scripted it to start on reboot. (I followed tutorials on how to do that). And they work, when server re-boot, they start automatic.

Problem is: after some time, both servers seem to time out from mysql database and then it crashes since the server must communicate with the database. When I ran the 1st server as root user, it was no problem. But, now that they are non-root, there is always a problem.

I did this to chown them to non-root users.

chown -R cs1.counter-strike home/cs1/hlds_l
chown -R cs2.counter-strike home/cs2/hlds_l
THis is NOT a game server issue or game mod issue. It is something to do with linux user + mysql.

I am kinda new with linux. I am missing something here.
Strange thing is, if I start those servers as ROOT users, both of them work. I have mysql database and userid for both server right and my phpbb forum also works ok. Something is there that I do not no. Please help