Hello ,
I have been tranferring 400 domain for last two days by WHM facility.
The problem is that About 350 doamins are tranferred to new server ,as I did it manually to restore account by /scripts/restorepks username.
Now the remaining 50 accounts are copied to new servers and restored automatically (i didn't use above command for these doamins).But the problem is that they are showing it up in WHM list account .I can see them in /home directory,but not in WHM.
When I tried to recopy,they say the account exists.
If I have to delete the doamin(account),then what should I do?
B'cause they don't show up in WHM,or any other possible way?
I tried /scripts/updateuserdomains etc but didn't work.
What is the problem with this?
How do I go to simplify overall process?
Thank you.