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    Arrow Protect your clients; Linux Security Bundle

    Linux Security is increasingly complex to properly deploy; many lack the conceptual skills to identify weak points on a server and promptly address them. This can be the difference between business success or public humiliation; in the event your site is defaced.

    Our solutions address security on multiple levels so that you are protected from both current and future issues. R-fx Networks solutions are directly implemented based on your environment setup and standards. Great care is taken to ensure full compatibility with end systems, to avoid software conflicts and overlaps and meanwhile provide the best possible security.

    The for-front goal of our services is that the end-user be aware of there server; an array of auditing, reporting and monitoring software is setup to ensure that all those who need to be - are made aware of server status events. Our staff understands the vital integrity required and expected of your hardware; R-fx Networks strives to guarantee such is provided.

    Don't pretend security is something you can keep putting off; address it today before someone takes advantage of it tomorrow!

    - Setup 'APF Firewall (version 0.9.3-7 - not public)'; policy based, reactive firewall
    - Setup 'System Integrity Monitor (version 3.0 - not public)'; monitor critical services, load, network etc...
    - Setup 'Brute Force Detection'; identify login password cracking attempts
    - Setup 'PortMon'; network monitor, identify rouge services
    - Setup 'logwatch' to receive daily summary reports on systems events (kernel, network, logins, top e-mail relays & local senders etc...)
    - Setup 'lalert' profile.d script for notification of root (& admin, adm, bin, mysql) logins
    - Setup 'iftop' top like network traffic monitor
    - Setup 'cbq' QoS discipline rules; allows throughput limiting
    - Setup 'smartd' monitor hard disk events; failed i/o, temp can provide warning to disk failure; email alerts
    - Setup 'tcpdump' network packet sniffer/network analysis
    - Setup 'libsafe' filter common software attacks
    - Setup 'snort' network intrusion detection system
    - Enforce no-executable/no-suid operations on /tmp & /var/tmp
    - Enforce no-executable/no-suid operations on shared memory tmpfs
    - TPE (trusted path execution)
    - PHP open_basedir protection
    - Dynamic IDS parsing for realtime banning of attacks
    - mod_security installation with custom directive settings and snort-based filter-rules
    - Common Security Permissions
    - Host Based Spoofing Protection
    - Software Updates
    - Increased System Logging
    - Backdoor Inspection
    - Services Hardening
    - User Password Auditing
    - PAM RLIMIT enforcment
    - CIS Security Analysis (center for internet security; security verification tests)
    And more...

    Supported Operating Systems
    RedHat (6.x)
    Redhat Legacy (7.x, 8, 9)
    RedHat Enterprise (any)
    Fedora (any)
    Debian (any)
    TurboLinux (6.x or greater)
    Slackware (7.1 or greater)

    Supported Control Panels
    Ensim Webppliance
    Ensim ServerXchange

    30-day service related support with 24/7 Emergency pager contact; help desk ticketing system; e-mail & messenger contacts

    $90 USD one-time, limited time offer (save $25).
    Never any setup fees!
    Discount rates availible for multiple servers, please contact us for more information - noted contact information at bottom of post.

    Signup Now! R-fx Networks | Linux Security Bundle

    More Information:
    Please feel free to contact us for more information or custom quotes at the below contact references:
    web site:
    e-mail: ryan [at]
    AIM: t3ck7
    ICQ: 76511994
    MSN: rfxn [at]

    Previous/Current Clients:
    and many more...

    Full client testimonials and contact references available upon request.
    Ryan MacDonald
    Lead Administrator | TotalChoice Hosting
    Choice Does Matter! | Serving over 26,000 clients

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    We have replied to your e-mails however i presume from your post that you have not received them. You may PM me at your discretion if you would like.
    Ryan MacDonald
    Lead Administrator | TotalChoice Hosting
    Choice Does Matter! | Serving over 26,000 clients

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