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Thread: VNPIXEL Caution

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    VNPIXEL Caution

    I hosted with VNPIXEL for over a year and I would like to caution others regarding their service.

    Initially VNPIXEL started out well, hosting me on a fast dual processor server, the universe was all in order! This lasted for about 4 months, after which problems began surfacing regarding email, various installed libraries that I needed access to, broken control panel, etc.

    The main problem with VNPIXEL is their support which is below substandard. My initial problem regarding email (the server would not accept my u/p during pop3 login, though I could access it from their webmail component, which, by the way, was also buggys and required me to enter my pass about a zillion times). The problem could not be solved -- they tried for over a month and could not come to a solution, and finally moved my sight to another, slower server, which in turn caused other problems.

    The final straw was that I was paying for a dedicated IP -- though I had never bothered using it. When I actually did try to use the IP address which I had been given, I was directed NO WHERE, i.e. I was paying for nothing (it is an extra $2/mo. charge). When I questioned this, they got angry and cancelled my account and deleted all my content (I know it is hard to believe....) Their reason for cancelling my account is that I abused the support staff! How? I called them "idiotic", which after a year of numerous problems, seemed completely justified, but you be the judge. I do have a years worth of email with their "support" staff to prove their incompentence, but who cares....

    In the end, I switched to and have told all whom I love to move from VNPIXEL, they are not reliable, their service response time is extremely slow, and they can't solve problems when they crop up.

    Your mileage may vary. I had heard many good things about VNPIXEL in the past -- maybe if you don't require much, they are good, but God help you if a problem occurs, since the people driving the car don't know where the brake is.

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    Well - I think calling them idiotic would be a bit too far.

    Although you may have considered it justifiable - people sometimes flip.

    Next time just remember the people you call 'idiots' do have the switch in hand to do what they did in this case.

    Either way - not justifying what they did, quite immature.
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    Well...yeah, but

    Of course, but calling them idiotic was in response to over a year of unsolved issues and poor treatment. I had no idea that I was supposed to suffer that, but could not even vent one time without being deleted!

    Such is life...

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    I still have one account with them and most of my ticket was replied within 30 minutes. Don't know what went wrong with your case.

    I had the same problem as you describe. Fantasico didn't work right for about 2 times but it was the glitch with cpanel didn't support ixed file after updated. Jason told me about it and i went to research at Fantasico forum and they were telling the true. Haven't get that problem again for the past few months. Support is great and I am still a happy customer.

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    the server would not accept my u/p during pop3 login, though I could access it from their webmail
    It's very very doubtful that the server would just "not accept" your username or password if it worked for you via webmail, using mail clients can be a pain as they are all so different, some for example need rather than [email protected], and there's a number of other things (ISP restrictions on port 25 etc), one of which was probally the cause of your problem rather than a server error.

    I probally wouldn't have cancelled your account if you called me or my staff idiotic (if it was only once) but i wouldn't be very keen to help resolve your problems if you did so.

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    I'm curious as to why you would stay with a company for a whole year if the service was so bad?

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    Just kidding....

    Originally posted by Watcher_TVI
    I'm curious as to why you would stay with a company for a whole year if the service was so bad?
    because he's idiotic?

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