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Thread: Iracks down ??

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    Iracks down ??

    I can't access my server there for more than 1 hour and I can't get any answer from their support.. They even don't answer to phone calls..

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    I've got no problems accessing

    Do a traceroute to determine it is not your own ISPs at fault.

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    sure I saw their server is up, but it's not because their own website is up that their dedicated servers are all ok..

    And no answer from them is really suspect..

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    Adam from iracks posts on here, im sure he will see this thread and get in touch with you


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    Just letting you know the server is back, but:

    - Had to wait 3hours before I get an answer to my emails or phone calls (!)
    - waited 2 more hours to let them work on it and find it was a problem with a switch

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    Hi Guys,

    I apologise for the delay on behalf of the technical staff, it is indeed not acceptable to wait such times however, I am slightly confused in regards to the phones not being answered.

    I beleive one of the senior staff dealt with the issue personally after noticing the delay and it was resolved promptly.

    We are completely reorganising our lines of support and I am aware it is providing delays in some cases.

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    You want some news ?

    Well Iracks is apologising, but still not answering to the phone..

    My server is now down for about 28hours because they wanted to change the network card.. uh pretty long isn't it ? And as answer to my ticket, they told me 3 times they will do a remote reboot of the machine.. so nice..

    Iracks is clearly understaffed and often they don't have tech in the datacenter (Amsterdam), but only at their office (in UK)..

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    I beleive Michael's issue has been resolved.

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