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    PHP/MYSQL problem, feed urgent fix - will pay!!!

    Have a major problem and can't seem to find my normal programmer. The site, the backend is run by's Dreamaccount. It has actually been running smoothly but my dumb but messed around with trying to install it on another account on the same server and forgot to change the db info, therfore when I tried to clean up my mess, no haps. I am a pure ph novice, more web business man.

    I can't find my guy and need this fixed pronto.

    to see what I am talking about, go into Edit your profile near the bottom of the navigation, enter user/pass moon24/moon24 (temporary) (if it asks you to sign up - Don't email me [email protected], (my client is not someone who most people get along with. Anyways, you will see that no matter what, after I click a submit buttonI get returned back to the main dreamaccount page. I have been able to fill out the form and create an account but once I go to pay or act like I am, nothing comes up but the main DA page, I don't even get your card was declined.

    I may be totally confusing you but sessions don't seem to be carrying over.


    [email protected]

    - Ron - A micro and small business web resource.

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    I've added your ICQ number listed in your profile to my buddy list.

    If that isn't your correct contact information, PM me with it and I'll be glad to take a look.

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    Ill fix the problem for $5

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