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    setting up a free web-based email service

    Hi there.

    We are setting up a free portal for communities and one of the things we want to do is give all of our members free email. Squirrelmail was recommended to us, and after doing some research (including installing a copy) we very much agree. Although we are programmers, email is not something we have dealt with much, so I have a few questions for those of you who have set up some large installations:

    1. We want to offer every member an email address under our domain as well as giving them the opportunity to have their own email address under their own club domain which will also sit on the site. Is there a tool which will let people set up and manage their own email addresses automatically that will interface easily with Sqirrelmail?

    2. We were thinking of running the email on a different server to the main portal. I presume this is a wize idea, but is there anything that we need to think about in doing this - ie what level of server would be useful for 10,000 members etc

    3. It would be great if someone who has set up a similar site/system would be willing to share experiences or if someone can point us in the direction of a "how to" guide that would be great too

    Best regards


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