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    Question Disaster Recovery

    My background largly exists of Risk Definition and Mitigation, Disaster Recovery, and Network Engineering. I have had a project on my mind for years, but never really persued it.

    My idea would be a customized backup solution that backs up in multiple places in the world. My target market would be Hosting Companies such as most of you.

    Now I am sure most of you currently have backups through your NOC center ect. (if you have no backup solution in place, shame on you), this is where I have wondered where my plan might be weak.

    What I would like to do is create a remote solution, where my client would load a remote client onto their server or servers. Through a web based application, the end user could control which parts of their servers were backed up. I would also like to eventually be a smart enough backup solution for a bare metal restore.

    This solution would be replicated over multiple points worldwide to ensure almost bullet-proof recovery options.

    I have worked on laying out a lot of plans for this over the past few years. If something like this were available (I know there are some similar solutions to this currently available, but not as "smart" as this solution would be), would this generate interest in the market?

    Also, as a hosting company, how would you be expect to pay for a service like this, and how much? What would drive you to a service such as this, what options etc.?

    Also, if you would be willing in taking part in a project such as this, I am sure if we were to move forward with this, my company would be willing to partner with a few others to ensure its conception. Therefore, if this generates any sort of interest to you, as well as responding to this thread, email me at [email protected].

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