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    I've done a search in this forum on There doesn't seem to be much comments on it. I do found out that they have some bad comments.

    I tried e-mailling them and only get a reply on my first mail. I never get a reply since then. LOL.

    One thing I can be VERY sure that is cheating is this:-
    I saw this everyday. It seems their offer starts and ends everyday? What a joke!?

    This is similar to Do a search on and you'll find really bad comments about it. I think is another

    How do you expect the others and especially me to believe in this kind of company? Their first impression to me is that they want to cheat your money before they even provide you with their service.

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    Maybe it is time to continue your search?

    If you are indeed looking for hosting, try using the host quote and searching for threads on the companies that reply.

    Good luck!
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