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    How to choose/set up router with COX HSI?

    Hi, I am new to network and need help. I opened COX HSI in my home this month and planning to connect 3 computers (2 desktop 1 notebook) to it. I heared that a router will do the job and I need no extra fee for additional IP address. But, which kind router should I choose? and how to set up the internet/modem/router? I have only 1 desktop connect to modem right now, to connect the computer to HSI, I installed modem software then COX software then it's working ok. To connect all my 3 computers to HSI, should I install these softwares? If I install them, will COX know I am connecting multiple computer and charge more?

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    Cox reads the modem MAC address unlike comcast which reads the Computer mac.
    It mainly plug and play.
    Turn off modem and computer.
    Plug router where you use to plug into computer. Modem to router.(cross over cable from modem to computer, may be grey in color)
    If wired, run cat 5 from router to computers.
    (I like wired for many reasons)
    Turn on modem and allow it to reset.
    Turn on router,same.
    Here is what I always do.
    Clone mac address off the nic card from the main computer you have been using to router.(router interface should have a place to check off and do it for you)
    Change router password to your own.
    Router will now need to be reset if you do the above.
    Turn main computer off and on.
    All your computers should be on line.
    Also set obtain IP to auto in router and computers.
    I also set port 113 to be sent to never never land. It is an old port needed long ago for ID.(in router)
    Not used anymore for that purpose and by forwarding it off to never never, you cannot be pinged.
    I know Cox in Phoenix and Las Vegas do not care if you run more then one computer behind a router.
    Comcast does. That is the reason I cone my nic mac. Plus in case Cox ever does care, noone will know.
    Wireless may be nice, but I see to many security problems to suit me.

    PS: You do not need their software junk to get on line with Cox or Comcast.
    No, it is not me!
    No, I did not do it!

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    Thanks, these info helps.
    When talk about "mac address", I check with ipconfig in cmd window (xp system). Is "mac address" the "physical address" there? the string looks like "00-e8-18-58-6a-e1" something.
    I'll go fry electronics for a router this weekend, see if it works. I may come back if i got more question^^

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    I bought a netgear rp614 router and connected 2 computers to it now. Basically PnP, I didn't and still do not know how to change settings Is that ok if I just leave it like this? seems the system works well.

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