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    Unlimited Bandwidth from a Major Telco?

    I was looking to see if they did Colo housing (wouldn't it be nice to have a full DSL connection to your box?) and stumbled into their shared hosting services?

    Wow... they offer Unlimited Bandwidth for only $9.95 a month, great deal.... I could expect this from a reseller's reseller' reseller but, this is a major Telco (both local, long distance, internet services, celleur) in the southest US..

    How does stuff like this go on?
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    unlimited is a very bad word, from any company....period

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    Could offer unlimited assistance
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    In general the telcos and cablecos are quite easy to compete with, true webhosts can usually offer more features than them to start with plus we can normally offer much more personalized service.

    When I was doing my business plan I actually had listed our local cableco as a competitor and what I would do to compete. I based it on the service and price, also we can specialize more by adding mods to our servers if a client requests it.

    As for the "unlimited" bit, well they can likely handle most sites and few would be exceeding their heaviest home DSL/Cable users. Keep in mind most of the big outfits will be using some big iron servers rather than PC based ones and huge pipes are the norm for them.
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    I think I just found the place for my new *nix distro mirror :-)

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    I don't think it includes ftp, 10 html pages is it :| (and no pictures, rofles)

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    You can't uplaod anything, you have to use their templates.

    If you want full control, you'd need to look at their unix plans

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