Hello everyone,

I'm looking to offload an established gaming network of mine which i purchased from a webhostingtalk forum member in late January this year. I'm selling this network as i do not have the time to keep up with it and i need funds for other new projects of mine.

The gaming network is called TheGtaGarage network. It is devoted to the game Grand Theft Auto, which is very popular with many gamers worldwide. The network comprises of 6 sites:

1) GTADiscussion.com
2) TheGtaGarage.com
3) GTAToplist.com
4) GTA-Modding.com
5) GTAGallery.com
6) GTASA.org


The site's been making $150-200 a month with google adsense and some banners. The revenue is primarily from google adsense though. Please note, i have not tried adding any popups or popunders or text link advertisements as i'm very busy with other projects. Potential-wise, if the new buyer were to try out popups or popunders on the site, the site should be making $300-400 a month.


The whole network is currently hosted at Axishost.com with the $40 VPS plan. It uses around 75-90GB of bandwidth a month.


April 2004(last month): 86681 unique visitors, 1228489 page views
March 2004: 67905 unique visitors, 1008977 page views
February 2004: 74435 unique visitors, 1024770 page views
January 2004: 134379 unique visitors, 2028025 page views

Please note i derived the stats using Awstats which is a pretty neat traffic tracker. I have screenshots of the traffic levels which i would be pleased to show upon request.

Most of the traffic are from link exchanges and external links. Return visitors make up a sizable amount of the traffic, but not the main bulk. The network itself enjoys good link partnership with big gaming sites such as GTAGaming.com which is a subsidiary site of EdgeNetwork.org.


Note: The network as a whole enjoy some really good search engine rankings on Yahoo.com and MSN.com. Here are some examples:


Keyword: gta forum, GTADiscussion.com is ranked 2nd
Keyword: gta discussion, GTADiscussion.com is ranked 1st.
Keyword: gta san andreas, GTASA.org is ranked 1st
Keyword: gta pictures: TheGtaGarage.com is ranked 4th
Keyword: gta toplist: GTAToplist.com is ranked 2nd


Keyword: gta forum, GTADiscussion.com is ranked 15th
Keyword: gta discussion, GTADiscussion.com is ranked 1st.
Keyword: gta san andreas, GTASA.org is ranked 3rd
Keyword: gta toplist: GTAToplist.com is ranked 3rd


We have a team of moderators and staff members in the network who constantly search for news articles to post on the network. Occasionally, we write our own news articles. Most of the content you see on our network is unique and the mods you see at GTA-Modding.com can't really be found elsewhere. As for the design, the 6 sites in the network has a nice, clean-cut look.


GTADiscussion.com - This site at the moment has 9460 members and is growing at the rate of 50+ members daily. The total number of posts on the forum is 31404. This gta forum is the 2nd biggest gta forum on the internet right after GTAForums.com. The site is tweaked such that the Googlebot constantly searches through the forums. This forum is a great community.

TheGTAGarage.com - This site provides information on past and present gta games with original written walkthroughs by our staff members. It is the oldest of the 6th sites in the network.

GTAToplist.com - It is probably one of the few established toplists catering to gta sites on the net. It has 201 gta sites signed up and runs on aardvark toplist script.

GTAGallery.com - A site with galleries of pictures of gta games

GTA-Modding.com - This site has unique mods for the game which cannot be found elsewhere.

GTASA.org - The site has a first class domain name. We were banking on the new gta game to be called gta san andreas and thus we registered the gtasa.org. As such, it turned out the new game is really called gta san andreas.


I have talked to a few forum members and got them to do a valuation of the whole network. According to them and a webmaster friend of mine, the price range of valuation for the network ranges from $2.5-3k. I'm hoping to get an offer which is $2k and above but i will consider any offers which are $1k and above. I hope to clinch a deal within a week. I will be posting the sale of this network on other major webmaster forums as well.

Please note: This network is worth its weight in gold and me and the staff members have spent lots of time developing the network to what it is today. I hope the new buyer will take good care of the network and will develop it to the next level. Generally, i have spent 1-2 hours to maintain the site and develop new content.


To all interested and prospective bidders, you guys can contact me at [email protected]. I use AIM, MSN Messenger and ICQ and my contact info for them are as follows, AIM: dg163, MSN: [email protected] and ICQ: 15006754.

I do not think i have enough forum posts to unlock the pm feature yet so kindly post your bids via email or on this thread. I would be glad to answer any questions pertaining to the sale of this network.