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    Need new ASP.NET / PHP Hosting

    Hello all,

    I have been hosting with for the past three years. Horrible support, but it was so rare to need any that it worked out well.

    I have 5 low-profile sites, not a lot of traffic, but each uses different technologies. SWS worked well because for $60/yr I got 50MB (all I needed) per account, ODBC connectivity, ASP.NET, PHP, CGI and a Mail-List Server.

    It appears that they have pulled the plug and I am kind of screwed, / left hanging. I am looking for another comparable host in the same price range... Any advise or experience would be appreciated.

    Thanks in adavance,


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    There are some helpful hosts on this board. I'm sure they can assist you with what you need. They will probably tell you to fill out the host quote feature on the top menu.

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    Thank you for the pointer. I have submitted a Quote request and will see how it goes...

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    19 seems to be out of biz. I have 18 web sites with them and they all died one after another. I had already paid for the charges and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW! Can someone help me here? Does anyone know what happened to them? I lost all my databases, web pages and CUSTOMERS. What is going on with No phone, no email, no site ... all disappeared. HELP!!!

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    Contact your Credit Card company and dispute the charges

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