I need some help with setting up custom DNS and Mail Servers.
I have the 2 IP addresses for the DNS, and had the dns set up and pointed to the 2 new ip addresses. However i set up a "Test" account the other day (which i should have done longer before now) and its still showing the Old Name Servers for the account.

(by the way i am using whm)

As i said it is showing the host name servers when it should be showing other wise, still waiting from a response from the to the matter...But back when i had the DNS set up, i asked if there was anything else i needed to do, they said no. So, Is there something i am missing? Am i suppose to do something in WHM in the DNS zone maybe?

Also just for what it is worth our main web site, is not hosted there, (yet, will be later on) Dont know if that would cause a conflict or not.

Also, could anyone tell me how/where i could find some info in setting up mail servers? Will i need new ip addresses for that as well or can it share the ones say i am using for name servers

Thanks for your time