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    Backup Solutions? Your Ideas?

    I know that I have been playing with fire for the last 6 months, and deep in the back of my thoughts, I keep thinking backup strategy.

    Server I use host 1 website (Forum), and catastrophic loss would not be in the least fun.

    Currently a backup file is zipped, and I FTP the file "Around 1.5 gigs" to my local hard-drive.

    Do you think it would be best to get a second hard-drive in some type of Raid Configuration, "Or just to hold the backup file".

    Or would it be best to get an offsite server package, and wget the tar ball to the server?

    At the moment, I'm in a confusion mode, and would prefer the easiest method.

    Your opinions are appreciated.

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    Originally posted by catfishing
    The best bet to keep costs down, would be to have another hard drive put in. Doesnt even have to be large, a 10gb or 20gb hard drive would do to store rotating backups on a seperate mount.

    Even if HD1 crashes, in most cases you will still be able to swipe it, reinstall, and keep data on HD2 and copy over.

    However there are some rare cases when both HD's may go bad at the same time, or some other catastrophe happens to cause backups on 2nd hard drive to be lost. In which case it may be smart to ALSO have an offsite backup somewhere. Either on your local HD or another server on a different physical network. This would also help if instead of HD's going bad, your entire server just happened to go offline for an extended amount of time, etc.

    Its really your choice, depends on how much precaution you want to take. I have found though that for minimal protection, it really does help to ATLEAST have a 2nd hard drive to store .tar.gz's.


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    Raid will solve HARDWARE failure but wont protect you from a hacker going in and doing a rm -rf /* ... daily / weekly backups to local and or remote Hard drive will protect you from software issues.

    a Combo of both is optimal.
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    I'd say, setup a RAID-1 to avoid hardware data loss. Then setup a CVS server and redump and cvs update; cvs commit or even rsync. That way you only have to transfer the patched version across to your external server. This would mean that you could probably do daily sync ups without insanely high amounts of bandwidth being consumed.

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    If your looking for least expensive, implement a solution that backs up to the second hard disk, and ftp's you the file. Perlboy's suggestion is a damn good one, means you are not continually reproducing your data, and you can jump back to anypoint quite easily
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    Hi There,

    I would first of all implement RAID (Level5 would be ideal) so that if any disk dies you'll be OK.

    Secondly, put in a cheap IDE disk and run a script every hour to rsync your data on to the IDE disk.

    Here is an excellent guide to rsync:

    Also, only mount the backup IDE disk when rsync'ng, keep it un-mounted at all other times.

    If you have an external host you can rsync to as well then do that.

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    you might even consider using an offsite backup service, you can backup the space you need rather inexpensively. Here is a list of companies that can provide this service
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    13,269 has some nice backup plans. Check em out
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    "- FTP access supports FXP
    - Storage space available in increments of 10GB
    - $0.50 / 1GB / month
    - Unlimited bandwidth usage" also provide the good backup services.
    Check it out.
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    Use Tape + another harddisk

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    Originally posted by thelinuxguy has some nice backup plans. Check em out
    they are not in business any more. they owe us a lot of money and I doubt this is a good referral.
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