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Thread: Jackpot Hosting

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    Jackpot Hosting

    hey guys

    anyone had any experience with

    i was looking into hosting that they sell on eBay ....


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    Well if they sell on ebay thats red flag number one and you must notify them 30 days before cancelling.
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    maybe that's the jackpot? Well I did a google search. There seem to be either lots of domains for this same host or something's up.

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    Pricing is just too good to be true .... there is your jackpot
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    Another caution flag, if you click on their 'billing' link on their site, and see the following message, such as i just did:

    "[Error 2] Your license has expired. Please contact customer support if you wish to upgrade or renew today."

    That probably isnt a good thing.

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    The server with resellers accounts they sell ( I have 3 ) is down for 4 days or more now (, IP They are very friendly, but sometimes people can get an answer "contact your ISP" - I had problems, that half of Poland couldn't connect their server. 3 times was the same problem- they wrote me to ocntact my ISP, I reply them some "words" and they fixed it. Second time was the same- "contact your ISP", I told them that it is not the first time and they fixed it.

    I am waiting for the new server and I run away from them- it is a joke, not hosting.

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