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    Lightbulb PHP/MySQL Program estimates needed


    I am the web designer for a local schools disabled sports league and we are in need of a few php/mysql programs (whether its a modified package or totally custom written) to help manage our league. The conference board has asked me to gather estimates to bring to them next wednesday for approval. I will briefly outline the needs below and if you would like to submit an estimate then leave me or PM me your email address and I can send you a Word file outlining the projects to base your estimates on.

    1. Games/Results System:
    Full conference schedule, scores, and standings. Password protected area with different access levels for Webmaster, Team Directors and Team Coaches.

    2. Member Directory:
    Listing of Teams in Conference with contact information for their Team Director and the coaches for the 3 sports played. See system details for information that should be displayed.
    NOTE: I actually already have a version of this somewhat ready that I built myself in Dreamweaver. However it does not work right, needs some work… and it needs to tie a user/password access level system to it that is used for the other two software systems needed. I can email the source php pages.

    3. Email Newsletter System:
    A system where authorized individuals can send out emails to all coaches, team directors or the board of directors. System needs to have a feature available where it can send out weekly game schedules with a message from the head official to the coaches and game officials.

    If it would work, I could have a couple different people work on a part of this project, as long as it all can tie together to the same authentication and access level system. If there is a CMS/portal system that this would work best with, am open to that also. Any advice/recommendations is appreciated!

    Please keep in mind that our conference does not have a huge budget to work with, as most of the little money the conference has is spent on awards for the students teams.


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    From my knowledge there is not a cms/portal system that could do this for you. There is the possibility that you could customize any one of them to do what you require but in my opinion it would take as much time as creating your own script(s).

    I sent you a pm. Look forward to working with you.


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    This is a great example of what you are describing. Our local paper does this for all the schools.
    Mike Collins
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